Metro Manila is the most densely populated city in the world with a population of around 14,158,573. Prevalence of rural poverty and the lack of opportunities in provinces continue to force many Filipinos to choose to move to Metro Manila in hopes of a better future. This resulted in overpopulation and a multitude of drawbacks like strained housing, infrastructure, and basic services being offered in the metro.

Other problems include the increase of informal settlements, houses made out of unsafe materials in run-down areas, and increased risk of natural disasters due to their location and limited coping strategies. These conditions only worsened poverty and increased vulnerability of those in the marginalized sector.

To tackle the problem, the Philippine government launched a community development program last year. Known as the Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-Asa (BP2) program, it aims to address the congestion issues in urban areas by developing countryside systems and providing better opportunities in provinces. Through the countryside development program, Filipinos no longer have to move to highly urbanized cities in hopes of finding a better job and future.

Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-Asa (BP2) Program

The BP2 program seeks to improve the countryside and provide rural communities the same opportunities in urban communities by addressing 4 key areas:

1. The empowerment of local industries in the Philippines

The empowerment of local industries in the Philippines

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The government will establish various loan facilities and credit funds, livelihood seeding programs, and support services to MSMEs. This will promote regional development and encourage the transfer of medium and large businesses from cities to provinces.

2. Productivity in the food security and agricultural sectors

Productivity in the food security and agricultural sectors

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The rural development program also encourages and facilitates innovations and technologies geared towards modernizing agricultural and agrifishery sectors in provinces. This includes the promotion of new and updated techniques, provision of necessary facilities and equipment to those in need, equipment of necessary skills and support, and enhancement of financial services through digitalization and expansion of existing credit programs.

3. The development of the nation’s infrastructure

The development of the nation’s infrastructure

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The program will identify key production and settlement areas in the country. It aims to link food production areas to residential areas for increased efficiency and accessibility to Filipinos.

4. Improvement of overall social welfare, health, and employment

Boosting Countryside Development in the Philippines: Livelihood Opportunities for Filipinos

An additional initiative of the program is to improve local health facilities and services, invest in various learning systems, and provide training to program beneficiaries and equip them with the necessary skills for available jobs in their provinces.

The countryside development program will also empower local government units (LGUs) to manage crises and build resilient communities effectively. Various government agencies will be coordinating with one another to ensure the continuous improvement of rural economies and quality of life in the countryside.

Who are the main beneficiaries of the BP2 program?

Low-income families who decided to go back to their province, lost their jobs or other source of income, live in unsafe dwelling places, and are exposed to health and safety risks and other environmental hazards can apply for the program.


Prepare the following documents if you want to apply for the BP2 program:

BP2 Program Requirements

How to apply for the BP2 Program

There are two ways on how you can register for this program:

Online Application

BP2 Online Application

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the safest and most convenient way to apply for the BP2 program is through their official website. Just fill out the form and submit it online.

LGU Application

BP2 LGU Application

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You can also go to the nearest barangay office to apply for the government rural development initiative. Don’t forget to take all the necessary precautions and follow all COVID-19 protocols for your own wellbeing.

Improving countryside development will allow Filipinos to grow and expand their skills, boosting productivity and economic progress throughout the country. By promoting inclusive growth in all regions of the Philippines, we can ensure that equal opportunities will be given to all Filipinos.

Contributed by: Alfonso Syquia