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At Fintech Energy we track over 200,000 fintech startups and over 1,000,000 people who hold key positions in these companies. We use this directory of startups to highlight top employees, founders and organizations we think deserve more appreciation than they are currently getting.

We’ve ranked the top 35 FinTech companies in Manila. The companies, startups and institutions listed in this article are all exceptional companies, well worth a follow. We have included links to their websites, socials and CrunchBase (if you’re interested in their financials).

We selected the organizations listed in this article based on:

  • Track record
  • Executive leadership
  • Market share
  • Innovation
  • ESG rating

Our Data – We source our data from OSINT (open source intelligence) and public directories such as Crunchbase, SemRush and many more. The data from these sources should be treated with a degree of caution and verified yourself.

Top FinTech Companies & Startups (Manila)

Acudeen Technologies

Founders: Mario Jordan Fetalino, Mario Salazar

Acudeen is an online technology platform that connects small and medium enterprises to financial institutions through invoice discounting.


Founders: David Margendorff, Manny Ayala, Nix Nolledo

PawnHero – the 1st online pawnshop in the Philippines.

Y Finance Inc.

Founders: Roger Yang

Provides an online lending platform geared towards financial inclusion for all Filipinos.


Founders: Jan Walczak, Kacper Marcinkowski, Kamil Charazka, Timothee Grassin

Tendopay provides Filipinos with alternative payment options for online shopping.


Founders: Joshua Marindo, Kathleen Acosta

Revolutionizing online payments for businesses of all sizes.


Founders: Mark Vernon

Tagcash is a fintech-enabled app where users can create mini-programs utilizing financial technology and other core features of a wallet.


Founders: Francisco Reyes

Making insurance radically accessible to propel financial inclusion.

Satoshi Citadel Industries

Founders: Jardine Gerodias, John Bailon, Miguel Cuneta

Satoshi Citadel Industries is a FinTech startup company that builds Bitcoin solutions to reduce the costs of using and transferring money.


Founders: Israel Keys, Justin David, Ramon Tayag

Bloom makes money smarter by combining modern technologies like cryptocurrency with traditional infrastructure.


Founders: Aldrich Tan, Don Pansacola

NextPay is a digital banking platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Founders: Benoit Portoleau-Balloy, Liam Grealish

Uploan provides an end-to-end salary loan management platform to employers.


Founders: Sagit Attar, Zohar Friling

Mobile financial service for social lending, AI enabling end-to-end management of digital lending between friends and family.


Founders: Diana Krumova

Helps first-time borrowers to get access to credit and banks and FIs get more data & insights through smart credit scoring.


Founders: Jobo G. Virtucio III

Metrobank is a financial service company that offers banking services to large local and multinational corporations.

First Digital Finance

Founders: Georg Steiger

A Fintech company in South East Asia, operating the BillEase Buy Now, Pay Later service.


Founders: JC Bisnar, John Michael Mangahas Lapina

Investagrams is an app to invest in the stock market.

Moola Lending

Founders: Unknown

Moola Lending is a financial technology company powered by the Doctor Cash international line of fintech companies.


Founders: Pio Ryan Lumongsod

PearlPay is a Philippine-based Fintech company offering affordable and secured end-to-end banking solutions.


Founders: Judah Hirsch

Salarium is a payroll automation platform covering the complete solution from time & attendance, computation, disbursement and compliance.


Founders: Unknown

Coindrop provides access to various financial verticals chosen by enterprise HR to selected employees.


Founders: Joseph Chan

PesoPay is a comprehensive and secure online payment gateway.


Founders: Unknown

A Philippines-based private equity fund.


Founders: Unknown

Encash ATMs in the rural areas makes it possible for the underserved to finally have convenient access to their finances.


Founders: Jardine Gerodias, John Bailon, Luis Buenaventura, Miguel Cuneta is a service of Satoshi Citadel Industries, a Philippine-based holdings company for Bitcoin-related ventures.

Metrobank Card

Founders: Unknown

Metrobank Card Corporation’s core credit cards provide increased spending power and worldwide purchasing convenience.

VMoney Inc.

Founders: Unknown

VMoney Inc. is a financial technology company that develops, operates, and markets payment processing solutions.

Banana Pay

Founders: Unknown

Banana Pay is a mobile application that specializes in financial services.

Vesl Trade Finance

Founders: Maureen Nova Ledesma

Vesl is an information technology company that provides a software platform that connects lenders and businesses online.


Founders: Sazzad Khan

Paywise in Fintech newest innovation.


Founders: Unknown

Moneygment is an app for financial transactions, social literacy, and digitalization.


Founders: Bing Tan, Hubert Yap, Ibba Bernardo, Julian Legazpi

Our mission is to help millions of micro-entreps in the ASEAN grow their business by providing them with tools, insights, and access.


Founders: Unknown

CreditPros is a financial company that provides personal loan, loan for autonomous and employees.

Mount Fuji Lending, Inc.

Founders: Aoi Ikeda, Gene Frizzell

We’re transforming the Philippine’s B2B lending industry through tailoring, relationships, and fintech.


Founders: Unknown

Orcestra provides revenue, cost control, cloud and security solutions for banks and financial institutions to boost operation and profits.